Motion Graphics and Animated videos

Aside from being a busy Graphic Designer, Webcomic Artist and Weekend Cartoonist: I’m also a Motion Graphic Designer. Motion graphics is basically animated graphic design. The following are several Motion Graphic, telestrations and animations I’ve done over the years. I basically animate the motion graphics, provided voiceover, conceptualized and wrote the scripts while the traditional animations were […]

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First Crack at a Cinemagraph

                  This was an idea pointed out by  Joe, which she got from I got curious enough and locked down the workflow which is pretty damn easy if you know your Photoshop and have a decent video recorder. For this one, I used my Leica Dlux […]

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Webcomics you should be reading

I took a break from uploading new strips for the Holy Week (which is a big deal in my country, something about a dude dying on the cross but cleaned some dudes’ feet before that or something). While I took the week off, I decided to share 5 of my most favorite webcomic sites to […]

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Welcome to

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the official site of IM Bry, a sardonic webcomic based on me, Bry Onglatco. IM Bry is a webcomic I made roughly 1 and a half years ago. It is actually my second comic strip. The first being the now-on-hiatus Heathen Humor. It was a very fun yet daunting comic strip […]

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