Motion Graphics and Animated videos

Aside from being a busy Graphic Designer, Webcomic Artist and Weekend Cartoonist: I’m also a Motion Graphic Designer. Motion graphics is basically animated graphic design. The following are several Motion Graphic, telestrations and animations I’ve done over the years. I basically animate the motion graphics, provided voiceover, conceptualized and wrote the scripts while the traditional animations were done by the animators then compiling everything via Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro Studio. Go Apple!

Motion Graphic Works

OBH Designery 2018 Video


RightAngle Profile Video and What is Motion Design?


Designery Animated Logo (2017)


Johndorf Instructional

Regis++ Explainer

Genyo Explainer

Czarina Foreign Exchange AVP

Smart Pinoy Store (for Customer)

Smart Pinoy Store (For Agents)

Avenire Business Center

Motion Graphics with Traditional Animation

Avenir Main Motion Graphic


Cafe Georg Promo Video

Davin’s Birthday Video

How to Ride a Jeepney

RightAngle Profile Video (Mining)

Bank Card Sample

Telco Sample


Here are some Seasonal Motion Graphics:

Andres Bonifacio Day

What is love? / Valentine’s 2013

Filipino Christmas

We’ve also done Sketch Explainer Videos or Telestrations:

RightAngle Profile Video Telestration

End of the World Emergency Bag

Waste Segregation

Sample Company Telestration

A guide to the Internet


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