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I took a break from uploading new strips for the Holy Week (which is a big deal in my country, something about a dude dying on the cross but cleaned some dudes’ feet before that or something). While I took the week off, I decided to share 5 of my most favorite webcomic sites to my friends / fans at facebook. Check them out and hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I have. You’ll also realize how they’ve influenced IM Bry and sometimes I just couldn’t help it but “borrow” some of their humor.


By far my most favorite strip tied with Sinfest. XKCD is a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language by Randall Munroe. In short, a webcomic for nerds, geeks and everyone in between. The main reason I love KXCD is that you don’t need to have fancy schmancy drawings to be a funny or even compelling webcomic. It’s absolutely funny sometimes and other times a bit emo but hey, what’s not to like about that?


It’s the webcomic to END all webcomics! Sinfest is by the aqesomely talented Tatsuya Ishida and  is a hybrid of calvin and hobbes, anime, and religious satire (at first). It’s one of the funniest, most creative webcomics I’ve ever encountered. And before you say this looks a lot like Heathen Humor, you’re right. It does. But Heathen Humor was born way before I had internet access. I really love the main characters especially Slick from the eraly days who I patterned the character Itad from. In fact, some of the iyadislove quotes come for Slick’s mouth. Sorry Tastuya Ishida. Peace bro. Big thanks to Joe Te who recommended this to me.


This is a great example of what a comic strip should be: Just pure unadulterated fun with the most insane, out of this world storyies (which is what I do with IM Bry from time to time). Where else can you find a funny strip about jars having coitus? Anything goes and everything’s funny. The Perry Bible Fellowship. It’s just too bad the author, Nicholas Gurewitch, stopped doing more. Despite that, most of the webcomics out there can’t compete to his level of awesome humor.


By David Malki! (that’s how it’s spelled.) Imagine having access to ALL the editorial drawings of the 19th century. Now imagine if a demented comedy genius decides to scan them all and turned them into raw materials for his webcomic. Or as wikipedia puts it “t features 19th-century illustrations that have been recontextualized to create humorous juxtapositions.” That’s Wondermark is all about and it’s what influenced me to just use one drawing of IM Bry. It’s one of the funniest webcomics in the net, that is if you can get past the victorian cartoons spouting modern gibberish.


What? I can’t recommend my own webcomic? Just kidding, my last recommendation is SPACE AVALANCHE which is a rougher, crazier version of the Perry Bible Fellowship. It’s artwork is like Perry Bible’s artwork only rougher with thicker lines but the humor is at par. It;s still new so I decided to recommend that with IM Bry just to see if you’re paying attention. But also, give IM Bry a try. IT’s why you’re here isn’t it?



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