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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the official site of IM Bry, a sardonic webcomic based on me, Bry Onglatco. IM Bry is a webcomic I made roughly 1 and a half years ago. It is actually my second comic strip. The first being the now-on-hiatus Heathen Humor. It was a very fun yet daunting comic strip I created and published in College. I drew the characters in full body because I didn’t like doing panels. Scratch that, I suck at drawing rectangular shapes even WITH a ruler. I published 3 books and just stopped.

Then, I had an idea. What would happen if I just drew a single character in a single pose and just stick him inside 3-4 panels and just let the words tell the story. And what better material to work with than with the actual conversations I have with my closest friends over Yahoo Messenger. Initially, IM Bry is supposed to be YM Bry but I didnt want to get into legal troubles with Yahoo so I changed it to IM Bry which literally means Internet Messenger Bry. It could also mean Intelligent Monstrosity Bry, or Indecent Maniac Bry or Inspiring Man Bry or Indiscreet Manipulator Bry blah blah blah. I can go on.

Where was I.

Oh yeah. Welcome to IMBRY.com. If you haven’t read the About Bry page, I’m a freelancing Graphic Designer based in Cebu, Philippines. I am a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University which would explain my smartassery, assholery, and I can’t really help it, fatassery. Ateneo is great and I highly recommend it as a college but I’m apathetic with the school sports thing it has going on. I really don’t think we’re better than La Salle or UP just because we’re better at getting an orange rubber ball inside a basket or “hoop”. Hooplah more like it. I honetly think we should have death cage matches to settle it once and for all.

Oh, and guess what, I’m a Legal Management graduate with a minor in International Business. Yup. Weird shit yo.

Babbled again.

In IM Bry you’ll meet certain characters here and there but there are 6 who are the MAIN characters and they are real people. Hell, in real life our friendship’s zanier and crazier than ever. I only put in 60% of what goes around with us. I think putting the other 40% would be considered a genocidal atrocity and will probably kill me. Chelo (advisor on the womenfolk) , Gots (conscience and “big sister”), Marj (man-hater, louder, girly version of bry), Sylj (bry’s archenemy and friend. Sylj is an ass.), Iyad (also Bry’s (unsolicited) advisor on the womenfolk. Iyad is all about love.), and Owen (not sure yet what Owen is about but like all men, he loves women and porn). Guys and gals, thank you for letting me use your likeness (pft. just your names get over yourself.). There is a 7th recurring character SmGirl or SumGirl and that’s who she is, SOME GIRL. She is the culmination of all the women who have, whether they were aware of it or not, crushed my heart. Drama.

After my first year of IM Bry, I created the very first book in hardcover format that had the first 365 strips. I printed only 40 copies and they are now sold out. Perhaps if there’s demand for it I’ll print it again. We’ll see.

This site also houses my personal portfolio on graphic design and some personal photography. I’m not the best designer in any place but I as far as I can tell, I’m good at what I do. I’m not the best photographer either. Frankly there are way too many hipster photographers out here. I know a good photo when I see it but unfortunately I’m not the guy who usually shot it haha. I’m not a good photographer or a great one either but I do what I can, and I own a Leica D-lux 3 and Leica D-lux 5.

IM Bry is all about what happens to me in my profession and life and just plain whatever I feel like doing. Heck I made the death star appear over my office. IM Bry is also influenced by the best webcomics out there in internetland namely XKCD, WONDERMARK, SINFEST, and the PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP. If you don’t know who they are, dude do yourself a favor and click them.

I think I covered / babbled enough.

Have fun. And please, don’t take my strips too seriously. you’ll just come out an idiot if you do.

With a handshake, ever yours,



I upload new strips everyday on the weekdays. FYI.



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  1. Angel February 18, 2012 at 11:57 am #

    dude! love your strips, especially the reactions and comments from your real friends in facebook, i read them both, so funny…(good thing i still understand a bit of bisaya) Nice job. ^^.. actually didn’t think that http://www.iyadislove.com was a real link. I got so curious from seeing it so much from the comments. 🙂 God bless

    • Bry_O February 27, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

      Hahaha no iyadislove.com isn’t real, I was going to put it up but I’ve been busy so I just bought the domain and had it redirect here. Just curious, how did you find the strips? Are you common friends with one of the characters?

      thanks again!

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